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winners don’t make excuses!

The Winning Mindset The winning mindset is the mindset that see opportunity in every situation, winning mindset is the mindset that don’t wait for the opportunity to appear in front in himself, instead the winning mindset creates the opportunity. People often wait for opportunity, while the truth is if you want to achieve something in […]

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Discount your sleep, not your goal.

Most of the people listen to people in their surroundings and discount their goal to fit in their current situation, but the problem is “When you settle for less than you deserve you gain happiness for short term, Happiness at that moment will fade away with time.” But when you decide to Win and not […]

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The Value of Time.

Written by Robert Kiyosaki | Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Read time: 4 min Why employees always see scarcity and the rich see abundance One of the fundamental differences between an employee and an entrepreneur is that the employee sells time while the entrepreneur sells value. Because of this, the employee always lives in a world of […]

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